Light and Colors

Paris, France
per person 85
Light and Colors
  • 4 hours
  • English
  • 50%


As part of the continuity of the course for beginners "Come out of Automatic mode", this course will allow you not to miss your photos due to ambient light not always cooperating. Articulating in two parts, this course will give you several ways to deal with difficult situations that we encounter yet often:


Nothing worse than a photo too dark or too light. It is therefore important to know the amount of control it which is allowed to penetrate our target and go to the sensor. Even if the unit is responsible for some of the work in semi-automatic mode, sometimes it is wrong. You learn to cope:

the very different situations (against-days, subjects lit from one side only, etc ...)

to dark places, traditionally harder to photograph freehand

gray skies, often much brighter than the subject that you want to capture, sometimes causing unpleasant underexposures

MANAGING THE QUALITY OF LIGHT (color, saturation and contrast)

Even sun, a picture can be considered failed if its

What's included

  • Photography Class




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