Papa Serra Cooking Class

Barcelona, Spain
per person 85
Papa Serra Cooking Class
  • Beginner
  • Women
  • 2 hours
  • English
  • 40%


A great chef should always know where to buy great produce, how to choose the best food and should nurture a strong relationships with suppliers and producer.
Come with me in this 3 hours market tour and cooking class, I will show you my secrets that make my kitchen a special place where together we will create a tasty and unique feast!

Begin the day discovering the small streets and squares of Barcelona and their secrets, continuing with a guided walk around La Boqueria market and Santa Caterina market where you will receive tips; I will show you how to pick local and seasonal products before you head back to the kitchen to start cooking your perfect Mediterranean meal. 

We will finish the class by enjoying our delicious lunch along with some local wines, cheeses and hams in my beautiful terrace in the center of Barcelona.

What's included

  • Class


Santa CaterinaLa Boqueria Market


JOEL S. B. aka Papa Serra Jr was born in New Zealand and grew up on a farm in Tasmania, Australia's southern-most island and quite literally the 'end-of-the-world'. But even there, Spanish culture (and importantly its food) found a way i...

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