The Escape Hunt Experience

Amsterdam, Netherlands
per person 24
The Escape Hunt Experience
  • Beginner
  • Young Adults
  • 1 hour
  • English
  • 95%


The Escape Hunt Experience is a unique adventure based on the classic “escape the room” games now popular in many places around the world.  Originally these were online point and click computer games such as Myst and Crimson Room.  They were then made into real life games in Japan around 2007.  Players are locked in a simple room with objects and feel like being inside a computer game while searching for clues and solving puzzles trying to escape.

This idea spread to other places and The Escape Hunt Experience is proud to take inspiration from these great games yet offer something totally unique.  We offer a true “experience” like a mini theme park where you are transported back over 100 years and play the part of a famous London detective with your colleagues trying to solve a murder mystery.  As a team you play against the clock in one of our rooms to find the killer’s identity and thereby find your escape.  Our adventures last around 90 minutes as after the 60 minute game you can cha

What's included

  • Escape Game

Important information

Two's Company Room
(total 2 players)
€27,50 per
person (mo-wed)
€30 per
person (thu-sun)
Total €55 or €60
Three's a Crowd Room
(total 3 players)
€24 per
person (mo-wed)
€27 per
person (thu-sun)
Total €72 or €81
Four Friends Room
(total 4 players)
€20 per
person (mo-wed)
€23 per
person (thu-sun)
Total €80 or €92
Five A Side Room
(total 5 players)
€18 per
person (mo-wed)
€21 per
person (thu-sun)
Total €90 or €105


Van Diemenstraat 212, 1013 CR Amsterdam.

The Escape Hunt Amsterdam

The Escape Hunt Experience is exciting, addictive, challenging, surrealistic, intense and unpredictable. Voyage back 150 years in time & solve our mysteries set in Amsterdam

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