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Message from the CEO

Hello Travelers,

My name is Alexander Yaremchuk, I am the CEO of Experitus.  I love travels, and my adventurous nature led me to many interesting places in the world. Experitus was born by the desire to create a marketplace to get the most unforgivable travelling experience at the lowest cost.

We live in a golden era of mankind. It seems we got everything for independent trips. We have some nice low cost offers, accommodation at any price in any cities in the world, online maps, guide books with reviews, etc. However, as a traveler, I end up striving for more. Experitus is aimed to prove that the ways of travelling can be surprisingly accessible.

I enjoy getting to know different cultures from the insiders’ perspective. Travelling is not only about sightseeing, mostly, the best experience we get when we meet local people and learn from them some new things. Isn’t it the essence of a real travel?

During my travels, I often meet the locals who know a lot about their place, and they are willing to share this knowledge with you. For example, I rented a room in Chicago and found one local American to show me the city. Such original experience was definitely hundred times steeper than any usual tour. This is how the idea to help curious travelers to find the best local guide was born. There are no limits where to go, and many enthusiastic guides with a bunch of interesting stories and places to show the tourists. There is always something that will make your travel unforgivable.

Experitus makes travelling experience also special for the locals. They have a great opportunity to learn something from the foreigners with interesting hobbies and lifestyle. Travelers and locals can share the experiences and get money in return. This is absolutely unique opportunity to get a pleasure of original travel experience.

Maybe in times of Jules Verne we could believe that travelling is a dangerous real life adventure. Only the bravest could blindly go to conquer new countries and continents. Internet did not exist; no books and manuals ever existed. Experitus will provide the access to all knowledge and help you connect with right people. We all together will learn about the mysteries and secrets of the world.

Your Partner in Travel,

Alexander Yaremchuk, the CEO of Experitus

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