Dairy Science for Cheesemakers

Manchester, United Kingdom
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Dairy Science for Cheesemakers
  • 1 day
  • English
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A one-day introduction to microbiology and chemistry for anyone involved in the commercial production of cheese.

Flavour and textural characteristics of a finished cheese as well as food safety depend on a complex interplay of different factors such as salt, moisture and acidity - but to what extent do they influence each other? How do seasonal changes in milk composition affect the end-product? What impact could they have on food safety? All these questions will be answered and much more throughout the day. 

This specialist course is taught by dairy consultant and raw milk cheesemaker, Paul Thomas, and has been specifically developed for start-up cheesemakers, existing artisan businesses, dairy farmers as well as anyone working in the food industry.  

This theory-based course will cover: 

  • Acidification control and analysis of pH data to minimise variability and improve quality
  • Salt and moisture control
  • An introduction to enzymes: the biochemistry of cheese-ripening
  • Understanding and compensa

What's included

  • Class



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