Paris, France
per person 70
  • 3 hours
  • English
  • 50%


"Oh the beautiful blue ...! And the beautiful red ..." Stop! What are you viewing? Fireworks, which by definition corresponds to an explosion of burning particles emitting colored lights in the sky. Admit it: you have imagined a giant ball of light formed of hundreds of magnifying light spots in the sky, ie a moving object, and night to boot! In other words, set it on film should not be easy ...

Photographing fireworks requires several complementary skills also assimilated in the course "Get out of Auto mode!" and Paris de Nuit. You will need to arm yourself with a tripod and patience to achieve beautiful shots because although fireworks can pass for a bright subject at first, it is not. In order to recreate the image you had in mind by imagining it, you need to print the movement of explosions on your shots, and trigger at the right time or they will get that stationary dots on a black background such stars, which is really not the goal.

This practical course that can take place when a

What's included

  • Photography class




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