Flamenco Dance Lesson

Seville, Spain
per person 30
Flamenco Dance Lesson
  • 1 hour
  • English
  • 50%


Flamenco originates from Andalusia in southern Spain and is a combination of rhythmic handclaps, singing, music and dancing. In a fun and interactive session you will learn the basics of Flamenco, some steps, heel clicking and the body movement culminating in a little choreography. The lesson proves to be a very interesting way to give you an insight into the Spanish culture while you are having a great time trying out something new. The lesson takes place in a very authentic courtyard where there are many different artists at work so that you feel immersed in the culture already before starting the workshop.

What's included

  • 1-hour flamenco class with a professional instructor

Important information

The price is 30€ per person. The price for children (aged 6-12) is 27€ each.


Depending on the size of the group

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Not Just a Tourist is a thriving local-travel enterprise, offering interactive cultural, gastronomic, environmental, and historical experiences across Seville and Andalusia. We organize a variety of activities ranging from cooking classes to hikin...

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