Flash & initiation Strobist

Paris, France
per person 70
Flash & initiation Strobist
  • 3 hours
  • English
  • 50%


You may have occasion to observe photographers in the street and while it is day, use their flash to capture the beautiful models that do not fail to ask for them. If this seems strange. And if, to do as they do, you have invested in you as a cobra flash but that your pictures do not look like much, then this course is for you.

Real small pocket of sunshine, your external flash is ultimately the best friend of the photographer lover beautiful portraits. Whether used with or without additional accessories mounted on your body or used in remote, it will give a particular professional photographer knowing at all in making the most. However, misused it does not deprive overexpose the faces of your model by making it very dark background. This is what we learn to avoid.

What you'll do after this internship

This course on the use of flash cobra teach you to take portraits of both creative and rendering natural. You will learn to:

  • use a diffuser to give a softer look to light
  • Use a wall, ceiling o

What's included

  • Photography class




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