Going Solo - Peter More

Amsterdam, Netherlands
per person 45
Going Solo - Peter More
  • 4 hours
  • English
  • 50%


Sometimes the scariest thing is to be on the stage on your own. This workshop is aimed at intermediate and experienced improvisers who want to cope better with being on stage alone. Useful for any performer and essential for anyone with ambitions to be a solo performer. We'll look at how you can really improvise when there are no other players to react to or support you; we'll find how to develop characters and relationships on the fly and we'll look at monologues and other sorts of scenes with only one actor. All stuff which, even if you don't plan to perform a solo show, will help make you a better improviser.

What's included

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Anne is the youngest member of the group, she was born when some of the easylaughers had already been to college. 
She's a Dutchie with an international mindset. She's been performing for years but spent the last seven years improvising wi...

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