Paris, France
per person 70
  • 3 hours
  • English
  • 50%


Macro photography is the art of taking photograph very small subjects, magnifying generally between one and ten times. This course is not intended to teach you to take pictures close eye of a fly or pollen grains on the stamen of a flower. This would have a specific material beyond the scope of this training. Without going that far, simple goals will help you get shots showing details of natural subjects of everyday life that we often do not pay attention.

And that is a pity, because despite the fact that our courses take place overwhelmingly in Paris, and thus in an urban environment, the nature that surrounds us everywhere. Whether in a public garden or even just as a garden spot or around a monumental fountain, photographic subjects abound. Plant or animal, organic offers some wonderful opportunities to those who control the macro as its multitude of details seems to multiply to infinity.

There is particular interest in the context of this photo course to photograph the drops of dew o

What's included

  • Photography class




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