Painting class in Paris

Paris, France
per person 40
Painting class in Paris
  • Beginner
  • Young Adults
  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • English
  • 35%


We give particular attention to the following :

  • Composition : the real structure of the painting :
    • the rules and exceptions
    • the organisation of space on the canvas
    • both traditional and modern styles
    • the symbolism of the compostion
  • Drawing :
    • its role in old and modern compositions
    • the different techniques used to draw correctly :
      • proportions measurements
      • angles
      • obliques
    • line intensity
    • value, shading, light
  • Working on color :
    • mixing the colors
    • tone and contrast
    • the different types of harmonies, based on quality or quantity :
      • warm-cold
      • chiaroscuro
      • complementaries
      • intensity
      • and other
    • echoes in art history and symbolism
  • 3rd dimension :
    • notions of perspective
    • how to render depth, through drawing or color (aerial perspective)
  • Realistic renderings :
    • the atmosphere (real or invented)
    • materials' textures (stone, glass, metal, velvet, skin, etc.)
    • the sky (shading, various clouds, sunset, etc.)
    • the water (movement and reflections)
  • Subjects :
    • still-life
    • plaster cast (an indispensable study, just as important today as it has always

What's included

  • Painting class
  • Supplies

Important information

I have never drawn a single line in my whole life. Do you accept beginners ?
Yes, don't worry, there are many beginners and we are here to help you, whatever your level.

Are the art supplies included ?
No, we will give you a list of art supplies to buy. For your first class, you only need to bring a pencil and eraser and large sized drawing paper (65 x 50 cm).

Are the art supplies expensive ?
It costs about 30€ for the 1st trimester and 80€ for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.


Atelier Alupi 18, rue Pernety 75014 PARIS

Atelier Alupi

In 1990, Antonina opened her own Art Studio in Paris (Atelier Alupi).

From the beginning, the teaching method adopted was traditional, inspired by the family's legacy : Calin Alupi, Antonina's fath...

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