Paris at Night

Paris, France
per person 70
Paris at Night
  • 3 hours
  • English
  • 50%


Night photography can be more complex than it appears. The lack of light causes indeed a number of constraints that every good photographer must learn to manage, but also offers a range of creative possibilities even more important that day.This course category "Technical" you will learn different methods and tricks to even allow you to make best use your DSLR, bridge or hybrid at night or even indoors.

There are only three ways to make light in photography:the aperture: it should be huge (imagine a goal of several meters wide!) to compensate for the lack of ambient light when it is dark.sensitivity: increase but improve exposure is associated with an increase in the amount of grain (digital noise) on your photos, resulting in image degradation.the exposure time (or shutter speed).It is this third parameter that professionals play to take photos at night because it is practically unlimited!Nothing prevents us indeed, mechanically speaking, increase the exposure time to infinity to get t

What's included

  • Photography Class




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