Photo Workshop: Chasing emotions

Madrid, Spain
per person 180
Photo Workshop: Chasing emotions
  • Beginner
  • Young Adults
  • 4 days
  • English
  • 30%


With the photography workshop "Chasing emotions. Use Light to make great portraits" you'll learn how to portrait making the most of the available light and your camera flash. And you'll do it in small groups while discovering cool spaces around Madrid.

In this photography workshop we pay special attention to the characteristics of light. We also deep into the possibilities of the aperture and the depth of field; managing how to get a blurry background while having a focused main motive will stop being a mystery.

We will learn how to make portraits like a pro, as we will be providing you with tons of tips (not only from the photographers perspective, but also from the model's side) to capture those emotions that say so much about a person.

We will also see how to expose using advanced tools that will do your life easier. And of course we will spend time improving your compositions.

This workshop is divided into 4 classes, 3 hours long each, so that's 12 hours in total.



Pentaprisma Photo Workshops

The Pentaprisma team think they may have found a way to put together two of their major interests (Photography and Sharing) into one adventure and with a little luck and much perseverance they're even managing to live from it! 

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