Photo Workshop: Click the city!

Berlin, Germany
per person 180
Photo Workshop: Click the city!
  • Beginner
  • Expats
  • 4 days
  • English
  • 30%


With the workshop "Click the city! Catch its soul" you’ll discover the key aspects of street and night photography and you’ll learn how to capture the city’s dynamism. And all that in very small groups while visiting interesting scenarios around Berlin.

With this photography workshop we would like to share with you the essentials on how to portrait a town from different points of view; architecture, urban landscapes, night photography, street scenes…

Apart from providing you with the resources to decide what to photograph when depicting a city’s essence, we will review composing concepts applicable to architecture photography and urban landscapes, deep into the creative possibilities of shutter speed, improve our exposing knowledge, enter the world of street photography and discover the secrets to obtain awesome night pictures.

This workshop is divided into 4 classes, 3 hours long each, so that's 12 hours in total.



Pentaprisma Photo Workshops

The Pentaprisma team think they may have found a way to put together two of their major interests (Photography and Sharing) into one adventure and with a little luck and much perseverance they're even managing to live from it! 

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