Portrait with Model

Paris, France
per person 85
Portrait with Model
  • 4 hours
  • English
  • 50%


In the presence of a professional female model, you will validate your skills in terms of depth of field and / or motion during a private session worthy of a fashion shoot. With the help of your PhotoProf you will discover how to use your knowledge to good use on concrete cases.

By watching you use your knowledge previously acquired, your PhotoProf identify throughout this shooting 3 hours outdoors all your shortcomings and provide you with as and a set of solutions to improve you personally.

Who should attend?

Level 3, this course is for people who have attended our courses Level 1 "Exit the Auto mode!" and during Level 2 "Light and Color". Two profiles are available:

1 - The first two courses of our Beginners course allowed you to discover all the basics of photography. The program was responsible, many things were interlinked and there is only one way to fix this knowledge in your mind: practice!

As a musician through their paces before they appear on stage before the audience in a large

What's included

  • Photography class




PhotoProf offers to learn photography having fun with custom 4 course sessions, 3 or even 1 hour! All our previous students will tell you: we do nothing like the others! So if the theory annoys you and you want to enjoy real support, why not incor...

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