Tuscan harvest

Florence, Italy
per person 135
Tuscan harvest
  • Beginner
  • Expats
  • 4 hours
  • English
  • 30%


We will teach you to make traditional Tuscan dishes.

At the end of the course (which last about 4 hours) you will taste the dishes you have prepared.

Each participant will receive their own diploma and recipe book in English.

  1. 3 Starters
    - Tuscan bread salad with vegetables and balsamic vinegar
    - Crusty bread topped with chicken liver pate and " vino Santo"
    - Tomatoes with green sauce
  2. First course
    - Rough cut (homemade pasta) with pork meat and red wine
  3. Second course
    - Prime cut of beef with red Chianti wine and  black pepper
  4. Side dishe
    Baked tomatoes, potatoes, onions, oregano and pecorino sheep cheese
  5. Dessert
    - Florentine focaccia with grape
    - Red wine Docg from Tuscany
    - Coffee
    - Limoncello/grappa

What's included

  • Diploma
  • Course
  • Recipes book




Has a degree in herbal science, she has a wonderful baby girl and she has a great passion for animals, she has seven dogs (which were all abandoned).

Graziella loves her country, where she learned, thanks to her Grandmother and to her Mother...

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