Bartend Like a Boss

Is bartending art or sport? What is flair bartending? How to become a star bartender? As huge fans of the film Cocktail with Tom Cruise, we share with you information and some tricks for getting you booze on.

When people hear about flair bartending, they think about Tom Cruise throwing bottles in the air, bottle juggling and acrobatic cocktail making. The film Cocktail made flair bartending very popular all over the globe. Tom Cruise’s character

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Million Dollar Idea

What would you like to learn today? Experitus expands the range of offline lessons at the marketplace. Thousands of learners all over the world can register to face-to-face workshops. For the convenience of our users we developed German version, and we opened the new discussion on Experitus main page called “Ideas”.

We wondered what distinguishes tourist trip from original travel. The answer is learning opportunity. Life is on-going experiment,

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Workshop of Wonders

Adventurous and curious people would love to get the incredible experiences by learning and doing interesting things. If you have ever wondered what makes your workshop great or more important, this is your opportunity to learn from our experience. 

There is a great number of different workshops and information to help our travelers from around the world to decide which workshops are interesting adventures. True travelers want to get the whole n

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Berlin Art Workshops: Creative Travelers From Around the World

For the past several months, the travelers from many countries throughout Europe have joined our Berlin Art Workshops. Why people so happy to be a part of international community? They have a great opportunity to experience Berlin and meet creative friends from all over the globe. Let’s dive into creative pool of Berlin art and look at the most popular activities.

If you do not know where to start your art journey in Berlin, you might find inter

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Berlin wacky tour

There is so much to do in Berlin, and when you do not know where to start, the most helpful thing is a personal recommendation. We prepared a few original activities for all kind of travelers that we bet you have never heard of or thought of trying in Berlin.

When you arrive to Berlin, the first thought might be, “Not sure if everything is expensive or I am just poor?” This is absolutely wrong!  All of these activities we just found for you, for

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Message from the CEO

Hello Travelers,

My name is Alexander Yaremchuk, I am the CEO of Experitus.  I love travels, and my adventurous nature led me to many interesting places in the world. Experitus was born by the desire to create a marketplace to get the most unforgivable travelling experience at the lowest cost.

We live in a golden era of mankind. It seems we got everything for independent trips. We have some nice low cost offers, accommodation at any price i

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