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Bartend Like a Boss

Is bartending art or sport? What is flair bartending? How to become a star bartender? As huge fans of the film Cocktail with Tom Cruise, we share with you information and some tricks for getting you booze on.

When people hear about flair bartending, they think about Tom Cruise throwing bottles in the air, bottle juggling and acrobatic cocktail making. The film Cocktail made flair bartending very popular all over the globe. Tom Cruise’s character as a star bartender makes actually a great show playing several tricks and juggling bottles. Essentially, a flair bartender can be every bar keeper who can create upbeat mood and provide some excitement and dazzle to the client’s drinking experience.

Bartending – art or sport? People have different opinions. Some see flair bartending as special art and bright show.  They believe that flair bartending provides a great bar atmosphere and entertainment for the customers. Usually, flair bartending is performed by two bartenders who do their tricks simultaneously, the lights are dimmed and the music is loud. This type of art is short and dynamic that creates happy and party atmosphere.

Some people argue that flair has advanced much further.  Bars and restaurants that feature flair bartenders have grown to massive international chains, and flair bartenders are some of the highest earning in the industry. They see bartending as a process that needs a lot of repetition in order not to smash bottles and frighten away the customers. That’s why professionals organize bartending workshops to teach their tricks and every bartender can master their skills. The excitement from the bartender competition is overwhelming.

If you want people talk about the excellence of your cocktails and impressed with uncompromising quality of drinks, you should follow these five tips:

  • Use quality liquors
  • Use fresh ingredients
  • Chill your glassware
  • Always measure
  • Garnish your drinks

Learning bartending is great for a lot of reason. You can make money as a bartender, or you can impress your guest at home party by offering them a killer glass margarita, etc.

Our mission is to present for you a great workshop where you can learn by doing. So, here it is. You can register at  I hope you enjoy the ride!

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