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Berlin wacky tour

There is so much to do in Berlin, and when you do not know where to start, the most helpful thing is a personal recommendation. We prepared a few original activities for all kind of travelers that we bet you have never heard of or thought of trying in Berlin.

When you arrive to Berlin, the first thought might be, “Not sure if everything is expensive or I am just poor?” This is absolutely wrong!  All of these activities we just found for you, for less than 50$.

#1 Explore Berlin playing the Escape game

Berlin is the first European capital on the wishlist. It is a colorful and captivating city. We found a way to make the experience unforgivable. Friendly street artists decorated the conditional scene of crime in the bustling district of Friedrichshain.

unnamed.jpgOur three missions:

1. Tear Down This Wall: Break through the Berlin Wall and pioneer a new beginning in the West!

2. Breaking Mad: Prepare the final batch of the cook and catch the drug lord!

3. Berlin Never Dies: Save Berlin from the mysterious zombie virus!

Three unique missions will guide you through the set of historical and fantastic events in Berlin.

#2 The best outdoor activity in Berlin is Creative Photography Workshop

3-hour-long session is dedicated to experimenting and having fun in Berlin. Creative photography workshop is unique experience of having great time with a group of passionate photographers all around the world. Tomas as a rewarded professional photographer will teach you some creative techniques with the sole help of ordinary objects, and you will learn tricks to generate very impressive results, that include freelensing, hand-made creative filters or kaleidoscopes. Also, you will play around with shutter speed, force perspective and turn reality upside down, among other things.


But that’s not all. You will get amazing photos in the most picturesque places of Berlin that only locals know.

#3 100 different bowls at Studio Gosha

Julia Child ones said, “Cooking in France is a kind of national sport and serious art”. Is it the same for Berlin? In Studio Gosha you will learn how to make fish, kombu and shiitake dashi.


 What do you think about such wacky tour in Berlin? The great experience that leave you with wonderful memories and without breaking your wallet, isn't it? Up for the challenge? Tell us your favourite budget activities leaving the comments below.

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