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Million Dollar Idea

What would you like to learn today? Experitus expands the range of offline lessons at the marketplace. Thousands of learners all over the world can register to face-to-face workshops. For the convenience of our users we developed German version, and we opened the new discussion on Experitus main page called “Ideas”.

We wondered what distinguishes tourist trip from original travel. The answer is learning opportunity. Life is on-going experiment, and we are learners. Wherever we go, each of us has our own reasons to start the adventure.  In every journey we search for some new experiences and impressions countless times. We feed our curiosity to find unknown and make it known.

Planning of any trip starts from the idea. You are looking for company, choose destination, book the tickets, search the accommodation and get to the place. But how you get the idea what to do during the journey? 

You can easily find something from the guidebook, but it usually includes some boring tours and old places. If you strive for memorable experience and want to try some profession or participate in the workshop, you definitely need to meet locals and learn from their experience.

Maybe you are a traveler who is trying to find some great cooking experience.

Or maybe you are the local person who knows everything about the culture and the place, and you would love to lead the cultural lessons.

We try to help you with this issue and opened the discussion where you can find and share your ideas. Please write your ideas at

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